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ALL CDs - Syphilic, MIDM, MTO, Comatose, & more...

Image of ALL CDs - Syphilic, MIDM, MTO, Comatose, & more...

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Metharoma - Pipe Dreams (Through The Alley)
Mouthing The Offal - Transgender Defunct
Syphilic - Erotishock Therapy (Brutal Mind repress)
Syphilic - Symphony Of Slit Throats
Syphilic - (sold out) Behind Bars
Syphilic - A Composition Of Murder
Syphilic - (sold out) Toylets R Us
Syphilic - Toylets R Us cassette (limited 60 pc)
Syphilic / Gutrot - Portopotty Pervert split (Brutal Mind repress)
Syphilic - Hereatt Heen Trance
Syphilic - The Indicted States Of America (Digi or Jewel)
Syphilic - In The Pen
Syphilic / Nithing split
Syphilic - Empty Nest
Syphilic - Empty Nest cassette (limited 60 pc)
Syphilic - ...And Justice For None